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FCSDA Church Clerk


The Church Clerk's duties are as follows:

  • Maintain official copy of minutes, to include complete copies of all reports, documents and financial statements, and action items. It is a public record which any church member or denominational representative can view.
  • Manage the correspondence between the individuals seeking transfers and the churches with which the transfer is being made.
  • Fill out a certificate and report forms when a person is baptized or makes a profession of faith to the Pastor, clerk file, church secretary archive, and AEC.
  • All church records, minutes of business meetings and board meetings, the church officer list, and the list of church members are maintained by the church clerk. (Duplicates should and can be maintained with the Pastor and church secretary).
  • The clerk should make note of any committees that are appointed and give the chairman of the group a list of the members making up the committee, along with an outline of the work the committee is being asked to accomplish.
  • It is the responsibility of the clerk to have a church directory produced as needed as well as maintain up to date record of all members.
  • Encourage and help all ministry leadership in record keeping (i.e. minutes, ministry roster).
  • Coordinate Sabbath and other announcements emphasis with the Pastor or coordinating elder.

Length of Committment: Two years