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Congratulations to our Women's Ministries for their outstanding service in HIS name.

FEATURED MINISTRY: Women's Ministries

Featured Ministry Leader

Doreen and a student she mentored.

1. What is the role of the ministry for women? Why is it important that the women of our church participate in women’s ministries?

The primary role of women’s ministries is the identification of the specific needs of the women in the church and the community and the development of programs and activities that address those needs in order to encourage and enhance the spiritual growth of the women of all ages.

It is important that the women of the church participate in women’s ministries because the programs and activities sponsored by women’s ministries are designed to allow them to identify and utilize the many gifts that have been given to them by God in order to grow individually and as a member of the church community.

2. What are your goals for women’s ministries? What are some of the current activities?

My goals for women’s ministries are all designed to allow the women opportunities for individual growth, growth as a part of the larger church community and mentorship of each other and the younger women that are coming behind us.

In order to accomplish this, current activities include the following:

  • A. Implementation of a holistic curriculum that includes an emphasis on study for health promotion and spiritual development.
  • B. Specialized programs for the young girls of the church to encourage them to aspire to be their very best.
  • C. Implementation of relationship counseling to encourage the development of stronger bonds between members.

3.What attracted you to taking on the role of leader for this ministry?

I was willing to assume the role of leader for this ministry because I knew that it would give me an opportunity to be of service to the church and the community and to answer the call that Jesus has placed upon each of our lives. All my life people have told me that I was a creative person and a leader with much to offer for God to use on behalf of other people.

4. What message would you like to convey to the church about the importance of women’s ministries and why this is a vital ministry for our congregation?

Well, beyond the obvious—the majority of the church membership is female and therefore women’s ministries is vital as the church seeks to minister to the needs and concerns of the membership, I would only say that the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of the membership will determine how well the church carries out the Great Commission. We must be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit in order to effectively spread the gospel of Christ. The unique focus of women’s ministries on the issues affecting women provides opportunities for women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal. Women’s Ministries seeks to elevate women as persons of worth, building networks among women to mentor young women, teens and girls and finally provide opportunities for wider service for women.

Women’s Ministries Committee

Doreen Rhoden

Assistant Leaders
Monique Harper (Circle of Sisters)
Denise McRae (Metro Area Representative)

Donna Harris
Vanessa Sheppard
Monique Riddick

Pastor Lisa Smith-Reid

Elder Donna Harris