Reaching in, out, up and down.

Finance Committe


Ministry Leader: Richard Shaw

Committee Members:

  • John A. Trusty, Pastor
  • Arthur Wharton, Elder
  • Randal Leonard, Treasurer
  • Anthony Allard, Head Deacon
  • Norman Lowe, Business Manager
  • Kenneth Campbell, Stewardship
  • Monique Riddick
  • Earle Sheppard
  • Gregory Simpkins

Description of Ministry: This committee is responsible for overseeing church funds, which includes creating a budget, allocating funds to ministries, and ensuring that funds are managed properly.

Goal of Ministry: To meet the financial needs of church ministries through the availability of funds, promote financial stewardship principles, and remain within the annual budget ceiling at year’s end.

Ministry Objectives: To keep key ministry leaders and the general membership apprized of the Church’s financial state through reports, graphs, and recommendations at board and business meetings held monthly; and to ensure that the budget is attainable by close review and management of monthly contributions (stewardship receipts) to determine whether the budget should be adjusted either up or down.